Wednesday, September 7, 2011

To sod or to seed?......That is the question - Sarasota Lawn Care

Many people wonder whether to sod or seed their lawns.  Most want to know which is more cost effective or which method's final product will look better.   Unfortunately, there is no "one size fits all" answer.  There are both pros and cons for each method.  Depending on your lawn's individual needs and how fast you need the work completed has the potential to alter what technique you decide to utilize.  Whichever process you select (whether it is seed or sod) for your lawn has one very important aspect that remains the same: planning and preparation.

The great thing about sod is that it is quite versatile.  There is no set time frame of merely a few months when sod can be laid down.  Sod can be put down practically all year long!  The only time sod is incapable of being installed is if the soil is frozen or if there is snow on the ground.  In some cases, erosion or problems with weeds can be solved or repaired by properly preparing the ground and laying the sod.

Sod's best feature is that once the project is completed the final look of the lawn is appealing and attractive. Although there are many positive attributes when  using sod, there are a few disadvantages.  Sodding your lawn has the potential of being quite expensive, but there are reputable companies that offer fair pricing.  Also, seeding has a much wider variety of grasses and turfs to choose from than sod.

The seed method has some advantages over sod. Seeding your yard can give the same lush, beautiful look as sodding, if you have the time and patience to wait for it to grow.  One of the benefits to seeding is that there is a wider variety of grasses and different turfs to select for your project.  The initial root structure of the grass when seeding is stronger and more developed than sod.  One of the best aspects of seeding is that it is less expensive and more economical than sod.

Seeding your lawn has the potential for a few drawbacks.  First, there are only a few months out of the year that are just right for seeding.  The amount of rainfall, soil and air temperatures, and other aspects influence seed germination.  Initial seedlings require lots of moisture, so you will have to spend a lot of time watering your newly seeded lawn.  While this seems like a small disadvantage, failure to water correctly will have an effect on the quality of your grass that you will not be able to fix or repair after the fact.

Making the final decision on whether to use seed or sod can be challenging and frustrating if you do not have all the details.  These are general guidelines and information about seeding and sodding.  For more specific knowledge or information please call us at (941)518-9424!  You can also visit our website and contact us!

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