Monday, August 1, 2011

How to water your lawn in Sarasota-Bradenton, FL

People always want to know: How do I water my lawn the right way?  Since every yard is different, the answer can vary.  Lawns can be distinctive and unique.  Many factors can be used to determine the best time to water your lawn, how long you should be watering for, and how much water should be utilized.  These factors include climate, the type of grass, and soil conditions.  If your lawn does not receive enough water than your grass will be more susceptible to disease and environmental stresses, more prone to insects, and less likely to survive.

Generally, it is better to water deeply and infrequently.The standard goal for most lawns is about an 1" per week, and it is best if that is delivered "all at once" instead of spread out over the week. Give the grass abundant water so that the soil is moist and  there is enough water to penetrate down to the desired root depth.  This will encourage your grass to grow and develop deep roots.  These deep roots will help your lawn resist the stresses of drought, insects, and disease.  Do not water your lawn with light frequent waterings unless you are trying to establish new grass.

The best advice on watering your lawn is simple and easy: Only water your lawn when it actually needs it!  Not only will you conserve water, but your lawn will thank you also!  Over watering can cause your lawn to develop diseases and contribute to fungus growth.  How can you tell when your lawn needs water? There are a few and easy recognizable signs that you can spot with your eyes by just looking at your lawn!  The first sign is the grasses' appearance. If the grass begins to look blue-grey or take on a blue-grey tint it's time to water. A second sign is the blade or grass leaf curling up or beginning to wilt. Another sign is the lawn's bounce back rate.  A lawn that needs water will remain flattened and not bounce back when it has been stepped or driven on.  If approximately fifty percent of your lawn begins to show these signs or symptoms it is definitely time to water!


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